For a while now, I’ve been having the same dream over and over again. It’s not the first time that I’m dreaming about the same thing more than once, but it’s never been that persistent.

In my dream, I work as a Director of Team Services for one of the biggest sports franchise in North America. I say work, but in reality, it doesn’t feel like work. Being a Director of Team Services is amazing. When I go to sleep at night all I am thinking about is to wake up and head straight to the stadium. I love being with the team and feel the excitement of gameday. It’s not work for me, it’s pure and simple joy.

In my dream, just like in reality, technology has had a huge impact on the world. Cars drive by themselves, people can video chat with each other all around the globe for free and it is possible to rent a stranger’s apartment for a night with a click of a button.

Technology also completely changed how our game is played. It has helped us prepare better, train better and play better. It has made athletes stronger, better and more focused. Every single aspect of the game has been transformed for the better. But technology did not just helped us improve our team performances, it also increased our efficiency as an organization. It has helped me save some precious time on my schedule. Days used to be too short for all the things I needed to get done. But now, everything runs so smoothly that I have way enough time to do whatever I need to do. No more overtime... at least not for administrative purposes.

Our daily operations are not dependent of tons of different systems anymore, such as emails, SMS, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook and worst of all, paper calendars.

All we use is one software that centralizes everything team related at one single place. It has been developed with the needs of the professional sports franchises in mind. It’s mobile-first approach is perfect for organizations that are spending most of their time on the move.

So, how do I communicate with my team if not with emails and SMS? Well, in my dream, these technologies are deprecated and they are not used anymore. When I need to reach out someone on my team, I go on our team platform and send whatever I want in seconds, whether it is a group message, a direct message, a file or a video. One other amazing thing is that I am always aware of who saw my messages, thanks to the seen/unseen feature. The information flows very quickly and reaching out to a certain person or a group of people can’t be easier. Our team platform even keeps the whole team aware of the latest changes on our schedule with instant notifications as soon as there are new events that come up.

Although I might be the one benefiting the most from the app because of my role, our entire organization benefits from it. Coaches can talk privately about their strategies, players do not need to ask questions all the time about our itineraries, etc. Everyone on the team is now fully accountable. We all work in sync, helping us focus on preparing and winning our next game.

Even if we are one of the biggest sports franchise in North America with a huge budget, we don’t like to throw money out the windows. We closely watch our expenses and are always looking for the best trade-off between quality, security and price, which is what we have with our team platform.

Every time I wake up from my dream, I am smiling. I realize that for more than two years now, we are helping our clients experience this kind of efficiency with Athlex. These clients used to waste so much time communicating and waiting for feedbacks from everyone on the team. Knowing how much time they are now saving with Athlex, I can’t help but to think about all the teams that are still running their operations with deprecated technologies. They probably just don’t realize how good life can be in the 21st century.


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