We have adopted best in class development practices, based on years of experience serving Fortune 100 enterprise customers.



Above and beyond expectations

Security is our primary concern. A sizeable portion of the application code is written to enforce data security. The data and servers are deployed in the most trusted environments available. Automation is used everywhere so that the possibility of human errors is removed from our processes.

You cannot rely on people best efforts to enforce security. This concern needs to be baked in every layer of your product and operations. Hope is not a strategy.
— Remy Gendron, CTO

Continuous delivery

People expect immediate support

At Athlex, we deploy new versions of our product each and every day, without ever stopping the service. This allows us to act on our users requests with an amazing turn around time. Small modifications and improvements will often be made available the same day. But, this can't be achieved unless you have test and deployment automation. Moreover, an adapted technology stack and architecture are needed to support this approach. But when done correctly and safely, it can feel like magic!

The ability to react promptly to user requests or any issues builds confidence and allows us to be highly productive while keeping risks low. New releases are no longer special events where our customers are worried that something will get broken. The end result is fast paced innovation.
— Mathieu Durand, Senior Architect and Pipeline Ninja

test driven development

Quality backed by thousands of automated tests

A multi-devices communication platform, where security, availability, quality and performance are majors concerns, cannot rely on traditional quality assurance practices. It is physically impossible to manually tests all the facets and permutations of these types of applications. We are test fanatics! Each feature is tested by hundreds of scripted tests, executed many times a day with each new releases.

Team - William Lauze (circle).png
Today, if your development is not aligned with a test first approach, you are putting your customers satisfaction and security at great risks. Automated testing allows us to be highly productive and be responsive to our users requests.
— Will Lauze, Cloud developer and Test Guru


Your information everywhere you need it

Today, people use a plurality of channels and tools to collaborate. Obviously, a mobile first experience is a primary requirement. But, doing more complex activities are still best done on the Web or on a tablet. You need everything. That's why Athlex is built as a multi-platform application. We also integrate with your own calendar, file sharing and notification services. Because we are not building just a tool, we are building your community.

Applications today cannot work in silos. If you are to truly collaborate, integration is key. You need more than information sharing, your team needs the ability to engage and collaborate around it all.
— Sam Begin, Multi-device developer and Integration Specialist